Juffrou met hart

Comprehension with word families



This book consist out of 26 easy comprehension stories with different word families.  The stories are easy and put together for learners to read independently and answer questions.  Also a great tool to use with intervention and  enrichment.

  • -at family: The cat
  • -ap family: The map
  • -ag family: Mag the dog
  • -ab family: The crab in the cab
  • -am family: The ram
  • -ip family: A trip to the pool
  • -it family: My sister Kit
  • -in family: When I win
  • -ig family: My big pig
  • -id family: The new kid
  • -ib family: The fib Ken told
  • -ed family: Ted
  • -eg family: Peg the dog who beg
  • -en family: Hen and her friend fox
  • -ob family: Bob my uncle
  • -od family: My friend Tod
  • -op family: My party
  • -og family: The dog
  • -ot family: A hot day
  • -ub family: The yellow sub
  • -ug family: The rug
  • -um family: Playing music
  • -un family: A fun day in the sun
  • -up family: Our new pup
  • -ut family: The nut in the hut


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