Juffrou met hart

English Home Language Activity book 1



Use this book for new and exciting activities.  22 Pages with 17 different activities.  Ideal for Grade 2 or Grade 3 intervention.

  1. Reading activity with a comprehension test: We bake pancakes
  2. Read instructions: We make hot chocolate
  3. Sequence of events: I eat breakfast
  4. Writing activity: I make breakfast
  5. Listening activity: Honey Bear
  6. Description of a picture: My school
  7. Write a letter
  8. Search, read and colour in
  9. Follow the instructions (Part 1)
  10. Follow the instructions (Part 2)
  11. What does an advertisement look like / Word search
  12. Create your own advertisement
  13. Write: The perfect pet
  14. Reading activity
  15. How do I make a sandwich?
  16. Everything about me
  17. Everything about my school


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