Juffrou met hart

English Home Language: Activity book 2



This book is ideal to make creative writing fun with a variety of extra activities.  English Home Language for Grade 2 or Enrichment activities for Grade 3 learners.

  1. Place the sentences in the correct order.
  2. Interpret a picture and write your own story about it.
  3. Match the instructions to the pictures.
  4. Sort clothes according to the seasons.
  5. Create and write your own story from a picture. The Easter Bunny came to visit:  Use the mind map to write your own story.
  6. Reading comprehension:  Recognize the main idea.
  7. Listening activity
  8. Solve and match the riddles to the pictures.
  9. Follow the instructions
  10. Draw the instructions
  11. How to make toast with melted cheese.
  12. Interpret a picture and write your own story.
  13. Solve a riddle
  14. Read a poem and answer the questions.
  15. Read a recipe
  16. Answer the questions about a recipe


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