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English Home Language: Activity book 3 (Grade 2)



This book can be used for Grade 2 English Home Language, Grade 3 English intervention, or Grade 4 Second Language intervention.

  • Comprehension test: In the nest
  • Comprehension test: Emma’s birthday
  • Comprehension test: Mika Mouse
  • Let’s write a letter
  • Describe the picture
  • Write a story about autumn
  • Descriptive writing: When Grandma and Grandpa comes to visit
  • A poem about Spring (Write an acrostic poem)
  • Comprehension: Sarah becomes ill
  • Describe your best friend
  • Reading comprehension: Follow the instructions
  • Describe the picture
  • Writing activity: My favourite book
  • Comprehension test: Granny Gina
  • Description: It is my birthday
  • Reading comprehension: Choose the correct sentence to match the picture.
  • Poem: Eggs
  • Identify the main idea
  • Describe and discuss the advertisement
  • Design your own advertisement


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