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Grade 2 Mathematic Workbook Term 2



This book is mainly focussed on Grade 2 Term 2, but can be used as enrichment activities or intervention for Grade 3

You will find activities for the following:

  • Number symbols
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Sums and story sums with a number line
  • Placing numbers in order
  • Arrange
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Repeated addition leading to multiplication
  • Number knowledge and number names
  • Place value and number patterns
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Number bonds and story sums
  • Harry the Hungry Crocodile and place value
  • Number value and doubling
  • Doubling and the difference between big and small
  • Length x 3 pages
  • Halving
  • Fantastic fractions
  • Light and heavy
  • Time
  • 2D-shapes
  • 3D-objects
  • Data handling x2 pages


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